Have you ever heard stories from your grandparents about how tough it was to get to school in the olden days? How bad students wore dunce caps? How there was a time when there wasn’t even air conditioning in school? The horror!

If you visit the Oldest School House in Saint Augustine, you can get a glimpse into what the world of education used to be, not so very long ago.

Located near the City Gates, The Old School House is a surviving expression of another time. Built over 200 years ago, while Florida was under the rule of Imperial Spain, it was constructed of red cedar and cypress and put together with wooden pegs and handmade nails.

The schoolmaster and his wife lived upstairs, above the small classroom. Their kitchen was separated from the main building, because of the threat of fire and to spare the house of any excess heat during the long summers. Several of the cooking utensils used in those days are displayed here for the visitor. In the schoolhouse, related artifacts and copies of the books the pupils studied from are exhibited.

It doesn’t take very long to go through, but is a fun way to spend a few moments travelling back in time.

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