In 2014, a guy named Zack raised $55,492 from 6,911 backers to crowdfund…potato salad. This will not be that weird, we promise.

Instead, Tampa’s historic movie palace is working with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to launch a crowdfunding campaign at with a goal of raising $10,000 to support what has become one of the Theatre’s most talked-about initiatives: REWIND.

unspecifiedBilled as an “occasional late-night series,” REWIND was created in March 2016 by Tampa Theatre Marketing Manager James DeFord to showcase contemporary classic (or entirely forgotten) films that fall outside the Theatre’s normal classics programming. “It’s like the old video store in your neighborhood with their ‘employee picks’ shelf,” DeFord says, “but this is the way they’re meant to be seen: in a cinema, on the big screen, with a bunch of other people who love them.”

Now – a year later and riding the wave of 23 successful presentations of titles as diverse as Ghost in the Shell, Clueless, Do The Right Thing and Road House, boundless social media buzz, and a Creative Loafing “Best of the Bay” award – REWIND: Season 2 wants to refine, refocus, and do what any good show does in season 2: improve our special effects.

The crowdfunding campaign looks to build the REWIND brand and up the pre-show ante for those attending the late-night films, which are typically presented at 10:30pm select Friday nights. The Theatre plans to collaborate with local artists and creatives – including filmmakers, graphic designers and DJs – to create promotional video content, design commemorative posters and giveaways for the films, and create more of a “party atmosphere” in the lobby before the movie… all with REWIND’s signature retro-futuristic, VHS, video-store aesthetic. (P.S. a portion of the money raised will go toward showing REWIND titles on 35mm film, whenever possible, to preserve the legacy of the medium.)

As a kick-off to REWIND: Season 2 and the Community Foundation crowdfunding effort, Tampa Theatre will present the first-ever Prime-Time REWIND with a screening of the John Hurt/Richard Burton sci-fi classic 1984, based on George Orwell’s dystopian novel, next Monday, March 20. Show time is 7:30pm, and tickets are seven bucks. #TTREWIND

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