A hot Fourth of July forecast for this Weather Wednesday.

Temperatures will warm to the upper 80s today but with the humidity it will feel close to 100 degrees. Of course a few showers and storms will move on shore throughout the afternoon. It likely won’t be anything to ruin your plans,  but you may need to head indoors at times during the day if there is a storm in the area. Remember, when thunder roars head indoors. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning. Most of us should clear out in time for fireworks this evening!

We stay hot and humid into the end of the week and the weekend. Temperatures will warm to around 90 degrees each day, with the chance of storms during the afternoon.

A  bit of drier air will move in Monday and into Tuesday of next week so rain chances go down slightly. We still stay hot though, with temperatures near 90 each day.

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