Hellcat Tattoos

Last week, our readers responded to a poll for the Best Tattoo Parlor in West Palm Beach.  This week…the lucky winner is:  HELLCAT TATTOOS!

Dave Porter, the owner of Hellcat Tattoos, has been at his South Dixie location for the past eight years and just recently opened another store in the Northwood Village.  Taking time for me, he and a few members of his staff explained their passion for this craft.  See, to Dave and his team, tattooing is their art and their craft.  It is more than just the physical aspect of giving the tattoo.  To these artists, they are putting a piece of themselves out there.  They not only recreate images or designs for this craft but they draw and design them as well.

Stephen, a tattoo artist, said “For the person getting the tattoo, it can be better than a scrapbook but it isn’t always about the image though;  it’s the experience.”

Hellcat Tattoo

Jaun tattooing a "first timer"

Hellcat also offers piercing.  Jess (a piercer) was there to explain her craft as well.  Sporting a stud in each of her cheeks, she explained how she had always wanted dimples.  Now with the piercings, she has achieved the look she always wanted.  And that crystal just below her eye, well that’s not glued on!  The techniques that are used are very detailed and require experience.  This is why Jess and the artists at Hellcats have had lengthy training and apprenticeships.  Each of them is qualified by many years of experience.


This family-oriented establishment has seen a variety of people come through its doors to get inked.  The 20-30 something’s are a popular demographic with an increasingly popular request for hand and neck tattoos.  They call this the “Warped Tour” look.  It’s a way to get the look of being totally tattooed when wearing a hoodie or long sleeved shirt.

Interestingly enough, senior women is a demographic that is on the rise.  Dave mentioned that he had a woman in her 80’s get one. Gone are the days that tattoos are for sailors and hookers.  These women have survived cancer, divorced after a long marriages, want to cover a mastectomy or c-section scars or  just have it on their bucket list!  The one thing one no one will ever be able to tell them is “you’ll regret it when you get older!” HA!


The team here, has worked together for many years and while they take their jobs very serious, they do like to have fun…they even go as far as using their craft to bond with each other.

Dave and Jess show us their mustaches


If you are in the market for a tattoo or piercing, check out

Hellcat Tattoos.

They have two locations:  

4007 S. Dixie HWY|WestPalm Beach|561-659-2900

 519 25th St.| West Palm Beach|561-659|2301


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