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Even history can get a new look. At least thats the case at Yesteryear Village, a history park nestled on 10 acres at the South Florida Fairgrounds, 9067 Southern Boulevard, in West Palm Beach. Guests who attend this year’s South Florida Fair from Jan. 15-31, 2016 will get an opportunity to see several updates to the Village, which showcases buildings and artifacts from 1895 to 1940. 0000000000000000Passionate Kiss Cocktail at Stir 019 (2)

Three prominent historic buildings The Red Level Baptist Church, The Bink Glisson Museum and the Riddle House have been painted and restored. A boardwalk has been constructed on Lake Brantley in Yesteryear Village that extends from the Bait and Tackle exhibit north to the Corbett Shack exhibit. Pavers covering some 14,000 square feet have been installed for walkways throughout the Village. That equates to 118 pallets of bricks with 540 on each pallet for a total of 63,720 pavers.

While these improvements have upgraded Yesteryear Village, guests will still be transported to a time when schools were located in one small building, houses did not have running water and life was much simpler compared to today. The large collection of early, original and replicated buildings includes an old school, a farm, a blacksmith shop, a general store, and several houses. There also is the Sally Bennett Big Band Hall of Fame Museum the only big band museum in the United States.

0000000000000000Passionate Kiss Cocktail at Stir 019 (2)Fairgoers can enjoy Yesteryear Village at no additional charge as part of their fair admission ticket. During the fair, live events also take place in the Village.

Group and school guided tours are available by request. Call (561)795-3110 to schedule a tour or register and pay online at www.southfloridafair.com. Special events, photo shoots, weddings, and corporate events also are available. Call (561)790-4908 for additional information and to reserve the facility.

The South Florida Fair is produced by the South Florida Fair/Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc., a nonprofit organization. The 2016 dates are Jan. 15-31. To save money on admission, patrons may buy advance tickets at any Palm Beach County Publix supermarket, Bud’s Chicken & Seafood, Palm Beach County TD Bank branches and Palm Beach County BB&T Bank branches. Adult admission, 12 and older, is $10 in advance, $15 at the gate. A child’s admission, under 12, is $5 in advance, $8 at the gate (5 years and younger are free). Those who are 60 years of age and older pay $7 in advance and $9 at the gate. For more information, call 561-793-0333 or visit the website, http://www.southfloridafair.com.


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