Zombies invade Clematis Street!

On Friday, October 27, hordes of the undead rose from their unnatural slumber and took to the streets of downtown West Palm Beach in search of fresh meat! No, it wasn’t a scene out of the latest zombie apocalypse film. It was the 6th annual West Palm Beach Zombie Crawl!

Bar crawls such as this give people a chance to explore bars and restaurants that they may not frequent as often as they would otherwise, and provides a way to let loose after a hectic week.


Some attendees really got into the spirit, while others were just along for the ride.

Ticketholders enjoyed  complimentary admission to Banko Cantina, Monarchy Nightclub, Pawn Shop Lounge, Roxys and Roxys Rooftop, as well as 5 free drinks, a collector cup and entry into their $1000 costume contest. 

All in all, it was an awesome event, and Palm Beach Happening can hardly wait for the next one!