Backyard Wilderness 3D A New Documentary About Exploring The Endless Adventures That Exist In Our Own Backyard Opens Friday, June 1, 2018 at AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater

Backyard Wilderness, an Arise Media / Archipelago Films production in collaboration with HHMI Tangled Bank Studios will be released by SK Films at AutoNation IMAX 3D Theater in IMAX with Laser on Friday, June 1, 2018. The film arms explorers of all ages with the tools and inspiration to discover the wonders of nature at their fingertips. Tickets are available at the Box Office or by phone 954.713.0930.

Created by Emmy Award-winning and Oscar® nominated filmmakers Andrew Young and Susan Todd, Backyard Wilderness will surprise and entertain viewers with the unexpected delights of nature that are in our own neighborhoods and communities. Spanning a seasonal year around a suburban home, the film displays a stunning array of unique wildlife imagery and behavior – all captured by cameras mounted inside dens and nests and moving along forest floors and pond bottoms. The film reveals the animal inhabitants in rare and breathtaking detail. We follow Katie, a young girl, and her family who are absorbed by an array of electronic devices and, at first, oblivious to the natural world just outside their home. Katie gradually discovers the intricate secrets that nature has hidden so close to her front door and we experience the joy she finds in her interactions with this newly uncovered world. The film reminds us that Wi-Fi is not the only connection that matters and that sometimes in ordinary places, you can uncover extraordinary things that can transform you forever – you just need to step outside.

“We are so excited to share this movie with audiences around the globe,” says SK Films and CEO Jonathan Barker.  “Not only is the message of the movie important to share, but the beauty of the film and quality filmmaking will be amplified by showing it on the Giant Screen and in IMAX® theaters.”

Backyard Wilderness 3D is produced and directed by Andrew Young and Susan Todd, who wrote the film together with SK’s Wendy MacKeigan (Flight of the Butterflies, Amazon Adventure). “We could not be prouder of this film,” said Andrew and Susan.  “It is imperative to us to encourage children and families to explore the splendor of nature.”

HHMI Tangled Bank Studios has produced an educational initiative to deepen the learning from the film and provide kids, families and educators with an extensive program to empower families to get outside and observe their wild neighbors. Resources will include; an Educators Guide, a Family Guide and SEEK, a unique “kid friendly” version of the highly regarded iNaturalist App, which is specifically designed to engage students to become better naturalists. Available for download in the iTunes store.

Backyard Wilderness 3D is rated G. Running time is 45 minutes.