Florida weather is, by it’s very nature, fickle. It can be bright and sunny one minute, and pouring cats and dogs the next. With all the Happening Events in South Florida, it’s good to have an idea of what to expect when you head outside.

With this in mind, Palm Beach Happening partnered with Kerrin Jeromin, a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (as designated by the American Meteorological Society), who provided our readers with a weekly forecast, as well as special features and, if the need arises, updates as to what is looming on the horizon. Heck, she could even help predict an upcoming zombie apocalypse, though that isn’t likely!

In South Florida, it can rain on one half of your house and not the other!
In South Florida, it can rain on one half of your house and not the other!

Unfortunately (for us,) Kerrin has moved on to other weather opportunities out of state, and we were left without our weekly updates for a few months!

Now, we embark on a new journey into the world of weather with meteorologist Lauren Olesky, who we hope will continue providing our readership with coverage of our slice of paradise for some time to come each and every #WeatherWednesday.

So, if you’re planning on wandering around Yesteryear Village, watching the playful animals at the Palm Beach Zoo, or just lounging the day away at one of our area beaches, we’ve got our eye on the sky for you! Check out this week’s forecast here!

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