Have you been called this before?

Maybe spoken to someone and felt better than they were?

It isn’t the nicest word in the dictionary that’s for sure

We were born pure

Then we are taught

Not necessarily the right things


We still learn

Then we get to choose how we want to be

How are parents are?

Isn’t our story

It is theirs

It is time to make your own

We grow




We grow past others

Not height

Or weight





Some of us

Think we are better than others

We all sleep under covers

And put one shoe on at a time

And some rhyme

It isn’t a crime

To be condescending

Have you ever thought of implementing a new skill?

For a thrill?

Expand your mind

It isn’t going to explode

Get off the horse that you rode

Start to talk in code

Your life?

You’ll get it right

But if you are condescending?

You may end up in a fight

Which will keep you up at night

Make yourself right

So you?

Can help others